Cortney is one kooky girl!

an understanding.

I never thought of these two as Beauty and the Beast but it makes PERFECT sense!

‘i’m happy’




PS.. It’s about farking time!

I read comments about how Elena decided to ask Damon for help because he doesn’t judge her and because he knows how to live as a vampire and I totally agree. To control her bloodlust she needs to feed and learn how to do it. But I also think she went to Damon because he was always there for her in the last few months. And those were the hardest months of her life. Not only she lost her parents, but she also lost Jenna and she and Jeremy were basically alone, but also her boyfriend was gone and she wanted to find him. Damon was basically her rock for a whole summer and most of season 3. Sure, they fought in the second half, they tried either to deal or avoid their feelings but especially in the first half of season 3 they were a team. She always turned to Damon for help. She completely trusted him for everything. And he was also the only one who understood her, both in her search for Stefan, both in the pain she felt. They developped a bond and a trust that doesn’t simply go away because now she’s with Stefan. She thinks she needs Stefan because she never unfell for him and because he was there after her parents died, but, especially now, she actually needs Damon because he can understand her needs better and because she relied on him for months and they survived everything together.



Blood-sharing is kinda..personal

And extremely hot… O_O!


“In a space of a heartbeat everything changed” 

These prints are GORGEOUS!! I want them in my house!


Damon & Elena